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The Internet of Stuff

Stuffstory is the world's engagement platform focused on stuff instead of people. Share and discover the things that you love.

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We don't see ownership as a right, but as a privilege.

For a limited time you look after something, repair it, explore and make a history with it. Then you pass it on. Not just the object itself, but all the emotional legacy that comes with it.

The story is a gift. Everything has a story to tell.

With Stuffstory you record your stuff not only for yourself but for everyone out there with similar interests. The story becomes a gift for you, past and future owners to share. Start building a timeline right now, or go back in time to document the history, and infuse life into your favourite stuff

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Engage and Connect.

Share the history, your insights and experiences other owners, collectors and obsessives. Follow other stuff, get followed, show your appreciation and connect your stuff to other stuff around the world. With Stuffstory, engaging with your stuff just became so much more fun.

Explore the passion.

There is so much to discover out there. Explore new things and be inspired by other passionate owners. Stuffstory is fully mobile and just a fingertip away

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The four S's make it simple and straightforward

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Set up a profile for your stuff.

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See what the stuff you follow is doing

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Share photos and videos, write a blog, document projects

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Explore, find and connect to other stuff

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We're always looking for talented people

If you'd like to work with us at Stuffstory we're looking for web designers, programmers and all kinds of geeks. Please get in touch

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